Nissa, Albane & Miad


to the velvet moon and back...

An explosion of colour and good vibrations greet you at Velvet Moon, the latest gem to pop up in Montreuil.

This multi-purpose space is eco-responsible, feminist and based on solidarity and is the brilliant idea of ​​3 young women; Nissa, Albane and Miad.

A meeting, party and work space, a place where you can exchange and feel at home.

This trio of girl friends perfectly represents young women nowadays:

creative, ambitious, independent, feminist ... and of course tattooed!

Jokes aside, all multi-disciplinary, they were, and are, barmaids, producers, stylists, DJs, event producers, artistic directors, scenographers ... perfect talents to manage and animate a place like Velvet Moon.

These young women have realised their dream in creating this unique place in Montreuil - a cosmic cocoon and a bubble of goodwill that is open to all.

Their motto?

"Live differently, live together"



Let's meet these 3 movers-and shakers, determined to make our life more fun




The pink room in the



Cocktail Heaven


When you meet Nissa, Albane et Miad, you can sense the close relationship they have, a true and beautiful friendshp, a key factor in the future success of the space.

Miad and Albane have known each other for 15 years, whereas the friendship between Albane and Nissa is relatively recent (2015), for them it was meant to be

Albane: "We had a mini crush on each other, let's call it professional "love at first sight",  we became the best of friends following our first encounter"

Nissa was running a second-hand clothes shop, "Melrose Place" in the 14th arrondissement of Paris,  Albane was still finding her way.

After that first meeting (at the famous night "Flash Cocotte") Albane left to travel around Asia and their long-distance friendship began to grow.

They found they had the same tastes and vision, and a commun desire to create their own project.

After the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015, Nissa's boutique suffered and she decided to shut down shop.

It was the perfect moment to create something with Albane and their adventure started in 2016 with a trendy, mobile thrift-shop: 

"Mermaid Express".

The"gipsy/glitter" scenography was such a hit that they were invited to bring this concept to hip-and-happening festivals, trendy nights, cool bars and was good!.

Following this success, different organisations asked them to decorate and organise their own events- they became a kind of mini creative agency...

This year for example they organised a karaoke in the heart of the v. fashionable We Love Green festival


Nissa:"We diversified our activities to go beyond selling clothes, we worked with our DJ friends, a shaman, tattoo artists, and of course cocktails,  this is what led us to what we're doing now"


Clothes from mobile thrift-shop

"Mermaid Express"

Nissa & Albane's first project together



After having worked together on lots of "pop-up" projects, they felt a growing need to settle down and find a permanent base.

They used to organise parties in huge, artistic squats and this made them want to find their own space, but a nice, clean place, where everything would be above board in order to have a long-term vision.

Nissa: "One day we thought, why not create our own space?!! The decision was made in August 2018 but we needed to find THE place, with a bar...and we immediately thought of Miad."

Miad has alredy creted a mobile cocktail bar called  "Le Cocktail bien dosé" so her expertise was a perfct fot for the project.

Having known Miad for 15 years, Albane was sure that they were going to be on the same wavelength.

Albane: "Not to blow our own trumpets, but we are caring people and hardworking and we have a positive influence on people and a positive aura, with Miad we have the same values, the same attitude towards people, it's essential for this place to be successful."

Once they decided to go for it, there was an avalanche of ideas: a multi-purpose space, a work space, a bar, a cinema-club, a restaurant, a creative place for talks and conferences...

They got their network involved and quickly found tenants to rent some of the space, and to help them create the content - the community was born!

Nissa, Albane at the back and Miad infront


The "well-dosed' cockatils created by Miad are the fruit of years of working in bars, parties and festivals.  Her creations for Velvet Moon are inspired by the different themes of the programme.


Here, the door is always open and the programme is fun and varied every week.

Aperitif Ciné-club, karaoké, divination & Shamanic rituals, veggie dinners, cocktail evenings, concerts, brunches, clothes sales, yoga, workshops......

The possibilities are endless, especially with the girls' creative network.


They're also open to suggestions. 

A musician who wants to give a concert?  A yoga teacher who wants to hold a workshop?

No problem, you only have to contact them to discuss the opportunities.

In permanent residency there are 3 tattoo artists (HellotheoMorgane Cortes 

& Aleksandra Colart),  2 music labels (LIEF Records & Boukan Records ) &

a fashion stylist Lucie, who is specialised in upcycling (Maison Mourcel)

A real den of talents, like one, big happy house-share.

Albane: "I wanted to create at atmosphere like at home when I'm with my girl friends and we're hanging together on the sofa chatting andf telling stories under neon lights, surrounded by colouful and cosy walls"

Goal achieved!


Cosy, colourful decoration with carefully chosen objects found in flea markets and antique shops - 

a homely atmosphere


Dive into their world, where pink walls and neons lights welcome you in

Taste their cocktails, dance like no-one's watching as you sing at the karaoke, or find your inner-self during one of their divination sessions

and why not get a tattoo while you're there?

Velvet Moon

44 rue Molière

Montreuil 93100

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