- I love everything here!

 - The Montreuil people

 - The friendliness

 - The down-to-earth, non-

    snobby attitude

 - The calmness, the sound of

    the church bells

 - The friendships with


 - Fave Spots: le Gramophone   

   (summer terrace), le Mange-

   Disque, Rue de l'Église, Beers &

    Records, La Petite Épicerie, les

    Glaces Martinez, Marché

    Paul Signac


Vanessa - maison simonne

It was after having read the book  "Famille (presque) Zéro Déchet" (Family (almost) Zero Waste) that Vanessa, a 38 year-old Montreuil resident since 2013, was inspired to create her own brand of washable make-up wipes.


Like many of us nowadays, she's trying to make an

effort to be more responsible at home, and in general,

and she felt that she wanted to do her part to pass on

this new-found passion.

"I try to be as ethical as I possibly can"

Maison Simonne, named in homage to her grandma and to a time where we actually made things for ourselves, is brand new.

This production manager only started the brand in 2019 when she had some down time in her busy schedule. And we're glad she did!


Let's take a closer look and her pretty, organic, responsible products


"Maison Simonne - made with love"


A DIY fan since she was a little girl, Vanessa loves working with her hands. 

It was when she bought a sewing machine as a present for a friend that she decided to get one for herself too.

She started by making some cushions for the house before she had the idea to make her washable make-up wipes.

She first thought she'd just make some for her friends before deciding to take it further and create her own brand.  Once she'd made up her mind it to do it, she went fast!


"I wanted to make some little gifts for my girl friendsJ, then I thought, hey why not go that one step further."


She read up about different materials and decided to go organic.


All her textiles are certified GOTS  (Global Organic Textile Standard) which means that 95% of the fibers are from organic sources. and are OEKOTEX which validates any textile which comes into contact with the skin.



No need to used tons of industrial packaged wipes if you use these pretty washable ones.

At the moment here is a huge problem across the globe with blockages in the sewer systems due to wipes/cotton wool and nappies.

These blockages are called  "Fatbergs"  and are basically huge mountains of non-biodegradable materials and grease, and let's not even go into how these products find their way into the sea too...

By using this type of product you can contribute to less waste!

You can use them to remove make-up or wipe your baby's mouth and throw them in the machine at 40° with the rest of your wash.

For the moment Vanessa does 2 sizes:

Make-up wipe - 10x10cm in popeline cotton and fleece cotton

Soft-flannel  20x20cm in poplin cotton and micro-sponge

She wants to develop her product line too, she's looking into producing bibs, napkins and other types of linen for the home..

Soon you can try your chance at winning a pack on the Instagram of LoveMontreuil!

"I'd love people to adhere to this concept and that it encourages them

to make a small gesture towards a life with less waste"

For the moment the patterns are chosen by Vanessa but she may ask her clients in the future what

type of motifs they'd like to see, as long as full of peps and colour!


You can order directly from Vanessa through her Instagram or by mail

She'll be present at the Creators' Market on the 1st June 2019 in Montreuil under the

covered market place in Croix de Chavaux


Massage your face with cleansing oil and then remove the excess with your washable wipe

Pack of 7 make-up wipes


1 soft-flannel


Both come with care instructions and a organic cotton draw-string pouch