aN EXhibition doubly POP!

For the 21st Edition of the Artists Open Doors in Montreuil, Art of Popof & Studio Albatros present the 6th edition of the exhibtion"Traits d'Union".

This year the theme is"Frontiers" and more than 80 artists will be showing their work in the former Pathé cinema studios in lower Montreuil.


The founder of this collective exhibition is well-known local artist Popof, and for this edition he has chosen his friend of more than 30 years and fellow Montreuil artist, Popay, to be the patron.


Popof descibes the event as " A snapshot of the current moment"


An explosion of colours and talents are waiting for you at 52 rue du Sergent Bobillot from 5pm onwards on the 11th of October

On Saturday from 6pm to 8pm the street will be cordoned off for performances


Graffiti, Paintng Sculpture, Photography, Installations, Performances, Concerts, DJ Sets, Slam...


Let's take a closer look at some of the artists on display

Popov & Popay!


Popov has given Popay carte blanche for the casting of the participants this year and he hasn't disappointed, taking his role as patron to heart. 

This year there's a certain form of brutalism in a lot of the works on display as Popay wants to fusion brutalist art with street art/graffiti for this edition.

He told me that he was told that brutalist art is made up of 3 elements:

obsession, non monetary interest and self-taught techniques, values that are also reflected in the street art movement, well, at least in the beginning.


He's invited lots of artists from his network for the exhibition.


"I had 3 criteria for my selection:  artists I admire, artists I have an affection for and artists which don"t get enough exposure"

For example he asked the young artist Voodoo Soul to create a piece and she has spent more than 180 hours detailing it, using a white Posca pen to draw each line, the work is a beautiful floating shape, a white airy creature on a stark black wall.


Popay wanted to choose artists that interacted together, inspiring each other, with a certain cohesion linking their work

"My role is to welcome them and ensure that they rub up against each other"


He has also invited old school friend Raphael from the duo Raphael Monchablon & Laurence Vincent,  Here is his pregnant robot

This painting using the "accumulation" technique is from local artist Jvdge who sent his painting over from Vietnam where he now lives


This beautiful work is engraved on wood from the German, Clément Shoevaert

Traits d'Union

52 rue du Sergent Bobillot

From Friday 11 October at 5pm