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Sophie & David

So kitch so good

She may have called her shop So Kitch, but Sophie could have called it So Good ,  because it is!

She has great taste in products and the decoration and aesthetics inside are just so beautiful, that "so good" would be a perfect description!.

Situated in the old Pharmacy on Place de la République for just over a year now, Sophie certainly doesn't do things by half.

Not only did she re-do the shop but she moved in above it with the whole family too...just to make sure she became 100% "Montreuillois". 


Sophie manages this concept store with her husband David, who spent 13 years as a dealer at the world-famous Paul Bert antiques market in "Les Puces de Saint Ouen" just on the outskirts of Paris...and you can tell he knows his stuff.  

He hunts down the bigger pieces in the store and he finds some real rare treats, Sophie chooses the rest.


They also upcycle and modernise vintage furniture as well as having more affordable products such as jewellery, clothes, accessories, plants, homeware...

The boutique has maintained all the old charm of the former drugstore thanks to the beautiful turquoise tiles on the facade, a sparkling colour which draws our attention to the window displays, which are always full of unique and quirky items.




Everything fell into place really quickly for this young Mum of 2 teenagers.  Working in a clothes shop, she was far from being professionally fulfilled, she was looking for something more


"I said to myself you've got to get out of here.  First of all I wanted to open a place to serve lunches, then I dropped that...2 weeks later a friend of mine said the old Pharmay was up for grabs and before you know it,  I said to David let's open a concept store!"


The next day she left the shop where she was working to set up her own.

5 months of paperwork and renovation later (plastering, electricity, paintwork, insulation... ) her concept store opened in September 2017.

Sophie & David have been a couple for 20 years but it's the first time they've worked together. Things are going smoothly, but David is on the road a lot of the time seeking out that rare gem so there's not much chance for professional conflict!



Every concept store must have its own concept and at So Kitch it's that there is "something for everyone", the whole price range too.

David's expert eye on the vintage (anything up to 2000€) and Sophie's decisions on the rest (starting at 5€).

"We go from 5€ to 2000€, we like to showcase young designers, we like the mix of new and vintage, we also try to have

things that no-one else has of course."


Bags, belts, wallets... by Sophie Cano


A 1970s mercury mirror

from a Belgian hotel


A vintage cupboard with the glass doors renovated by Sophie & David


Zip pouches made

from swimming caps


Sophie likes one designer in particular -Sophie Cano - who creates leather goods.  It's was her first purchase for the store.  She sells the brand for cheaper than you can find in Paris.  The pouches are 90€, the big leather bags 220€ (vs 270€)

She stocks designers like Orion, ma Petite Constellation who do long necklaces with semi-precious stones for 48€ ,"green" T-shirts made from organic cotton from Bizance at 35€, lampes by Atelier Nove (Made in Montreuil) at 150€, Italian leather bags from 20 to 30€, hand-made cotton greetings cards for 10€, swimming cap pouches from 20€ to 35€...






If you go to So Kitch you'll have a lovely time, even if you just have a chat with Sophie..  She's warm and easy to approach, and is never pushy.

You can browse at your leisure, take in the atmosphere and marvel at the variety of quirky finds...its sooooo Montreuil!  


Open every day except

Sunday & Monday

 11.00 - 19.30

56 rue de Robespierre, Montreuil, 93100