-  It's indepedent

 - It's human

 - Vilage atmosphere

 - The parks are beautiful

 - The architecture

 - The street art

 - The cinema Le Méliès

 - You can come as you          are, no frills

 - It's a town full of life

Charlotte & Ludovic

Charlotte & Ludovic - passion patina

This young couple is passionate about different matter and materials.

Charlotte, 24 and Ludovic 27, met at the prestigious design school, École Boulle, where their affinity grew. 

They created their brand  Noue Atelier (named after their neighbourhood in Montreuil) in September 2018 and settled at the Fab Lab  Ici Montreuil in February 2019.

The idea that these young craftsmen had been brewing for a while has now finally come to fruition:


Take old graffiti spray cans and turn them into designer objects,

such as lamps

Giving the aerosols a second life! 


Thanks to a special technique and a secret patina recipe book, each lamp is unique because the finish can never be the same twice.  

It’s this ancestral know-how, the patina, which interests them.  They adapt it with new processes, a journey of experimentation, coming across new and surprising results each time.

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Let's take a look at their careers so far, their creations and their creative process



By meeting this couple of artisans we immediately understand that it’s a partnership that works well.

Ludovic, reserved and calm and Charlotte dynamic and full of beans, they complement each other perfectly.

They even finish off each other’s sentences.

One thing they have in common is their talent and their passion for their job.

Before doing their DMA (Diploma of Crafts) at the École Boulle, (Charlotte in cabinet making and Ludovic in metal techniques) both had already chosen to specialise in art / craft trades in high school.

Charlotte from 16 years old in FMA (Training in Craftsmanship) in cabinet making at Boulle and Ludovic doing a high school diploma in Applied Arts in technical design and 1 year of product design.


How lucky to know what you want to do as a teenager!


L: "To get into 'École Boulle I did lots of internships in arts and crafts.  For example I sought out metal workers and went to work in a huge foundry in the mountains in the Haute Savoie region..."


Final diploma piece by Ludovic

Light made of steel, brass and cast bronze

Final diploma piece by Charlotte

Pair of console tables in mirror, ash and steel

perrinperrin somewhere

Glass Sculpture "Somewhere" by Perrin & Perrin


When she graduated in 2014 Charlotte was not completely satisfied, she wanted to learn more about glass techniques. She had worked on a wood / glass fusion during her studies and wanted to continue her research in this domain.

She won an internship with the famous couple of artists Perrin & Perrin where she worked on fusing and sanding alongside the masters.

After this she wanted to refine her knowledge of metal and she had the chance to learn production techniques on the job in the Parisian workshop, Mydriaz, who create extraordinary brass lighting.


Table or suspension light, "Prisme" by Mydriaz

C "During this time I found out I was extremely sensitive to different materials"


She did not not stop there. She took various freelance jobs in cabinet making, metal work, as well as interior decorating for private homes.


Ludovic, on the other hand, after his graduation, went to work directly for the company Gilbon and Coroller in Paris which is specialised in the creation and restoration of fine art metallic objects for art galleries, auction houses and interior designers.


L: "It's very interesting and never repetitive, we understand how objects are made.  I can have 4 different objects that pass through my hands in a week, I learn a lot and it's very rewarding"


Durng this time they also created objects together, either for themselves or for commissions. 

They can turn their hand to everything: wood, metal, marble ... and produce beautiful objects

Tables, shelves, lighting…

Such talent and elegance!

table basse.png

C: "What binds us together workwise is the way it balances out.  I am sensitive to the materials, I'm curious, I'll experiment with them.

Ludo is more into the conceptualisation and the optimisation, with a more rational and pragmatic approach"


L: "We work together in harmony.  We're curious about a lot of things, often we let our ideas ripen over time, then we come back to them and pick up where the other one left off"



For this latest project the lamps are made from 400ML spray cans,  and is once again the result of their collaboration.

Charlotte dedicates most of her time to this new adventure while Ludo is still working full-time as a restorer.

Their idea had been brewing for a while and they decided to take the plunge at the end of 2018.

They made a few models at home and presented them to the gallery "Lavo//matik" which stocked them immediately so they decided to throw themselves wholeheartedly into the project..

C/L: "What we were interested in was the volumes of the object and its workability, as well as its surface- steel. What was fun for us was the cycle - the aerosol helps create a work of art. which then in turn becomes, itself, an artisanal object. It is given a second life"



C: "We're not at all from the street art world but we've met some great people

by collecting their empty cans"



Our 2 craftsmen are passionate about the finishes and particularly the patina on metal.  A unique finish every time.

They put a lot of time into testing and re-testing to understand how and why the metal reacts as it does. 

They concoct acid recipes and other solutions to achieve the desired result.  Once the patina is done, either they leave it and varnish the can or they varnish then paint.


Their classic collection is with the outside of the aerosol in black or grey, then they also produce limited editions where we see the untouched patina, and the patterns are beautiful.


For the moment they have 2 models 401ML and 402ML but they intend to expand their range in the future


They have released their first colour model "Montana" - look 80s!  CHECK IT HERE

L: "The patina changes over time and you have to take care and maintain it.

A hand-made object can be restored and therefore our lamps too.  

It's made to last and evolve over time.  We, as artisans, have a responsibility to fight against this throw-away culture we live in.

It’s an object which tells a story where there is life. It's not cold and sanitised"


Lampes 401ML 402ML.jpg



                                    Drill                                                       Cut the end off                                                    Empty the paint                     


                 Cut out the shape                                                     File the edges .                                                File the edges

They scour the cans by sendng them to get sand blasted at Comptoir de l'aéro-gommage


          Create the patina by heating                                              and more                                                         and more

                      and adding acid                                                                                                         Then the patina is varnished and then                                                                                                                                                                                         painted


               The stand is created                                           Fixed onto the lamp                             Then the bulb socket and twisted                                                                                                                                                                                      cord are added       

What a pleasure to see a couple in perfect symbiosis with so much talent and taste.

In my opinion their future will be bright!

This is just the beginning for this artisanal dream team.

Noue Atelier does not stop with these elegant lamps, they also make sublime jewellery made from foundry leftovers

Another idea of ​​upcycling!

Bedside lamp from 100 €

Desk lamp from 150 €


You can also order with a specific request for a type of finish



On their e-shop


Shops in town

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Phoenix rue du Capitaine Dreyfus


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