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(due to corona virus - a lot less at the moment...)




ICI Montreuil wants to honor their craftsmen who create beautiful objects - jewelry, armchairs, leather goods, ceramics -their meticulous and passionate work, their know-how and of course "Made in Montreuil."

Inside ICI Montreuil you will find the creations of Marion Claracq, Charlotte Winné, Pascaline Marrange, Anthony Mendizabal and many others.

So try and avoid the big shopping sites with the same old items and make way for tailor-made, unique gifts starting from from 15€, add them to your list for Santa Claus!

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Christmas markets and artisans and artists sales points

The Tignous Contemporary Art Center has designed an interactive map that details all the Christmas markets and sales of locally-made artisanal items in Montreuil.

Jewelry, ceramics, decoration,textiles, illustration, photo...offer art and crafts  for Christms while supporting local artists and artisans!

marche noel.png

montreuillois actors showcased inside!

Ululato Films shot a film with some of our local actors "Who would have believed it?" on the theme of transmission - nice project!

Go to their Facebook page to discover the film!

JE SUIS andrée

Local artist "Je suis Andrée' recently released her first video clip and it was shot in Montreuil!

The images are sublime! Visit her social media pages to discover this talented artist!





You can also discover her playlist here


yoga with eva

please contact eva to see if maintained

We need self-care and well-being at the moment and you can find them with the Eva's yoga sessions.  Every Wednesday afternoon and Sunday at midday she gives yoga classes at Al Pinchio the Italian bar rue de Paris, on the sublime hidden terrace.

Tuesday evening she is at the Pianos, rue Robespierre

Follow Eva's Facebook account for exact dates and times or join the Whatsapp group on +33 6 59 09 94 00

She's also a DJ and you can read her interview and listen to her" The Playlist of my Life" here

Difficult to talk about "cool things to do"

many things have been cancelled since the 2nd lockdown

exhibition "sans contact" closed

We can always fnd something fantastic at Le Center Tignous d'Art Contemporain, rue de Paris

Programming is always on point

Current exhibition Sans Contact from October 9 to December 12, 2020

"The art center is seen here as a communication airlock leading towards something beyond the real, an elsewhere, undefined strangers. Unable to re-establish it, we will try to establish contact."

and as per usual many activities for children at the moment, especially for the holidays!

do an activity at LA MAISON POP



please contact venue to see if maintained

Feminist icon, Gloria Steinem has observed the face of the world to invent a profile for herself on an equal footing. This art of observation is the one we are promoting at the Maison populaire. Act, transmit to deconstruct ideas and build thoughts, in order to collectively bring to life a school of singularization.

Between these pages, far from being exhaustive, there are artistic, sporting and cultural practices that you still have to (re) discover through 117 activities .

Singing, dancing, movement, playing, creating, are the strings of existence that make it so delicate.

montreuil's artists open their doors

9-11 october 2020


Beyond the event you can visit these workshops and buy the creations throughout the year




un ÉtÉ matta

The exhibitions are slowly resuming in Montreuil.

During the month of July you can to go to the L'Escalier art space to see the painting exhibition "A Matta Summer" by Raul Matta.


Visit by appointment only- Call 06 08 88 45 25

Wednesday - Saturday 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

104-106 rue Edouard Vaillant

not cool

corona virus

Due to the pandemic, most of our businesses and venues are closed in Montreuil but you can still continue to support our local businesses, artists and artisans.

Go to the Instagram page for more information!




EXHIBITION 'cibler le vivant'

17 january - 7 march 2020

The Tignous Centre for Contemporary Art has set up another fantastic collective art exhibition, "Cibler le Vivant", until March.

Installation, drawings, video, sculpture : 5  contemporary artists invite the living into this exhibition which poses questions on our relationship with the cycle of life.

Curated by Samantha Beck.
Artists present :
– Pascal Battus
– Ludovic Bernhardt
– Luz Blanco
– Olga Karpinsky
– Nathalie Noé Adam

The artists create micro-proceses which evolve like cyclical phases in the development of living beings.

The centre is proposing several activities linked to the exhibition, notably guided tours, perfromances and workshops for children.  For more information, CLICK HERE

116 rue de Paris, Montreuil 93100


Wednesday 14.00 - 18.00

Thursday 14.00 - 21.00 (nocturnal)

Friday 14.00 - 18.00

Saturday 14.00 - 19.00

Outside of these hours the Tignous Centre is open to groups and schools for guided visits- upon reservation only


27 NOV - 2 DEC 2019

This year the theme is « L'éloge de la lenteur », which mean "In praise of slowness".   There will be more than 250 authors and creators present this year touching upon this current popular theme of how to slow down in this fast-paced word we live in.

There is a packed programme across 4 zones: literature, comics, vocal & decoding and a huge exhibition in the basement floor where the kids can experience the physical and sensorial sensations of slow stories through 4 spectacular installations.

Wednsday, Thursday and Friday: the event is free for everyone (you stil have to obtain a ticket).
Saturday, Sunday and Monday : free for under-18s 5€ for adults, if you buy your tickets on line with a 4€ voucher.
Click here to get your tickets

Dates & opening hours

  • Wednesday 27 November : 9h-18h

  • Thursday 28 November : 9h-18h

  • Friday 29 November : 9h-21h30 (nocturne)

  • Saturday 30 December : 9h-20h

  • Sunday 1er December  : 10h-19h

  • Monday 2 December  : 9h-18h




It's October and that only means one thing, Artists Open Doors!

It's the time of year where you can really be a nosey Nora and go behind closed doors to admire the work of the amazing artists that live in Montreuil, and have a peek at their studios and houses!

It's a real treat for the eyes and the mind. You can buy directly from the artist and find that rare object you've always been looking for.

Sculptures, ceramics, textiles, paintings, jewellery photos...the list is long!

This year more than 650 artistes participate in the event INFO HERE

You can find the map of the participants in the various cultural centres in Montreuil or at the town hall or CLICK HERE

classical music

"musical garden"

17 -24 -31 august

1 september

festival parcs.png

The very first edition of  the "Festival Les Jardins musicaux de Montreuil" takes place from the 17th of August until the 1st September in 2 of Montreuil's beautiful green spaces- le Square Patriarche et le Parc Montreau

In August, le Square Patriarche- the garden next to the town hall - will bring classical music to your ears twice a day

12h00 - an open stage for amateurs
16h00 - a chamber orchestra performance

On the 1st of September, the Parc Montreau will welcome a symphonic concert with Gautier Capuçon, the popular face of classical music, and the National Orchestra of this region of Ile de France

Montreuil- opening music up to everyone



velvet moon

44 rue molière

Live together, differently

A cultural, associative, alternative space, 400m² of love and good energy.


Velvet Moon has been imagined as a meeting place of ideas, origins, and generations, a place where all differences are celebrated.

Perfromances -Workshops-Cinemaclub-Cocktails...

Eco-responsible, inclusive and feminist

land art exhibition

murs À pêche

april- 22 septembre

15 Land Art artists take over the old Peach orchards 'Murs à Pêche' in Montreuil for an open air exhibition

Over the next 5 months you can go to lots of other events which are organised there too

Markets, festivals...

140 rue Saint-Antoine, Montreuil 

More info herei

From April to October the Municipality is proposing free sport for all in the 3 parks in Montreuil

Get fit (again), meet new friends and get some fresh air!

What more could you ask for?



Info et inscriptions here


april- october 2019

station E is back!

April- october 2019

The team from Station E and the Solar Sound System are back in Montreuil taking over this wasteland once agin to create an outdoor, eco-friendly party space.  The whole system is run on renewable energy.

What can we expect for the next 6 months? Parties, performances, workshops,  exhibitions, concerts, participative science, solar cooking and much more...their philosophy?   

Party to finance research 

236 rue de Paris

#love montreuil launch party

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