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morgane et florian.jpg

Morgane & Florian

"L'ENDROIT" - 'THe place' to be

A hair salon, a gym, an events venue and a boutique!


L'Endroit, , meaning 'The Place', is the perfect name for this new spot in Montreuil as it really is "The place to be".

And everything seems to be in perfect place here too.  Not just the amazing decoration but also the concept.  There's certainly nothing else like it in the area.


As soon as you step through the door of this atypical space (which is also their home), you understand who they are and the level of service they provide.


Montreuil was missing something like this and now, thanks to this young dynamic duo, Morgane and Florian, we have it.


Morgane is a hair stylist and Florian is a personal trainer and together they have created this beautiful place where you can come and take care of both body and soul.

A little haven of peace to chill out and treat yourself...a place where anything seems possible (and let's be honest, just a really cool spot).

Open since June 2018, L'Endroit is hidden behind a big wooden gate (as are so many wonderful surprises in Montreuil) in Bas Montreuil (Lower Montreuil)

As soon as you walk into the garden you're in another world, even more so when you go inside.

Let's meet this young, ambitious couple, and find out more.​



When you first meet Morgane and Florian, it's obvious that they are perfectly suited. Their complicity shines out.  They have a shared vision and drive. They're also in love.

It's quite rare to meet such a young couple who know exactly where they're going professionally and who put things in motion to achieve it.

Both mobile freelancers in their respective careers, they met on a shoot for a TV reality show about aspiring models.  Morgane was the hair stylist and Florian was the coach for the Kate Moss wannabees.



Combining their 2 activities was a way to create a unique concept . 

It is unusual to find a hair salon and a personal gym in the same space, but even more so to find it actually in someone's home!

​M:"We both knew we wanted to be entrepreneurs but we didn't know what exactly, this project came from us meeting each other"

L'Endroit Montreuil

F:"We wanted to combine our activities and settle down, this is both a personal and professional project. We want to live and work in the same space and if we want to have a family, we'd like our child to be here with us, no need for a crêche or nanny"


Morgane decorated L'Endroit with furniture

from flea markets and antique shops


Morgane has been a hairdresser since she was 13, yes 13!

So she's already been in the profession for 10 years, and thanks to the fact that she works on photo/video/TV shoots and backstage at fashion shows, she's always on top of the latest trends.


She still maintains both activities and it's not a problem as she organises her shoots around her appointments at L'Endroit.

"We're open on Sundays and I take appointments at 9/10 pm, so it's really flexible"


Morgane prefers the natural look for her clients and is specialised in blond colouring.  However she doesnt want her clients to have a fake blond look.

The same goes for her blow-drys.  She prefers to keep it natural and follow the client's natural hair shape or waves.


She has a policy of having one client at a time, so it's a very personalised service.​

"Working in a typical hairdresser's wasn't for me. I get bored easily so I couldn't see myself in the same place all day"


She also sells a curated choice of hair products containing natural ingredients (80 to 90%)

"We want this place to be a place where people can meet up"


Florian is as hyper active as Morgane because not only is he a personal trainer but he's also been a volunteer fireman for the last 18 years, his childhood dream.


He is deputy commissioner in his hometown's fire station in Saint Arnoult in the Parisian region. He was also previously in the elite 'Parisian Fire Brigade' for a year based in Montreuil,

There's no doubt he's in shape!

Following a career as a safety and security officer for businesses and his stint as a firefighter in Montreuil, Florian decided to become a personal trainer 10 years ago and did his training at the well-known CREPS school in Chatenay Malabry.

Thanks to a lucky encounter with a fashion designer and an astute use of Facebook, he has managed to accumulate a client base in the world of fashion and TV as well as with industry leaders, offering an upscale service.

Like Morgane, he still has his clients outside of L'Endroit, it keeps him up-to-date and on his toes.


But Florian is rather insistent in saying that it's not because they work in showbiz that they themselves are snobbish or show off, they're just an ordinary couple. And it's true I can vouch for that!


"We're down-to-earth people, come and see us, we'll have a great time together"



His training as a fireman means that Florian is a great listener, (Firemen in France are also the paramedics and they have to deal with a lot of 'social' call outs, mental health etc) something which he uses with his clients 

It's true that when you converse with Florian he has a very clear way of communicating, he has a very educational tone without being condescending.


Like Morgane he works majoritarily one-to-one with clients or sometimes with 2 clients maximum.  He like to understand each client's particular problems, their past injuries or illnesses, their physical state...but also their mental state.


"I have to understand the life of each one of my clients, if they smoke, how they sleep, their mental health, life situation, work,'s important to create a personalised program. I'm not going to make my clients do something I feel they're not ready for or capable of"

Florian has the latest machines in the gym, but not what you'd expect. His machine are mainly made of wood and need no electricity.

As well as the machines,  Florian works a lot with the client's own body weight too and is really careful not to over-do it with his clients- safety first!

He likes his sessions to be creative and also includes a lot of circuit training.

Thanks to the size of the space the training sessions use the whole home, for example the stairs as well as the garden, so it stays fun and varied.


The rest of the apparatus is also made from natural materials and there's certainly an 'eco-friendly' vibe to them as well as an authenticity - it feels more in harmony with the body and mind

So you've got it, Morgane & Florian are a friendly, ambitious and dynamic young couple.

L'Endroit is a magical hidden oasis of wellness, with no snobbery, a place which makes you want to stay there all day long.

Stop by and try out the talents of these entrepreneurs.

Maybe in the future they'll host exhibitions, meet-ups, cultural evenings, Florian says, if we keep it simple and authentic it's:



25 rue Douy Delcupe, 93100 Montreuil.

Open from Monday to Saturday

Sunday by appointment

 06 48 24 18 83