Nicolas & Aurélie


What happens when an allergic couple brainstorm on holiday? Well, a brand of linen handkerchiefs is born of course!

This is more or less how Nicolas & Aurélie embarked on the adventure of creating their brand, "La France qui se mouche tôt", a return to traditional handkerchiefs which are gentler on the nose and more eco-friendly than paper tissues that we throw away in huge quantities.

With their product they hope =>

"to (humbly) contribute to preserving the planet and French manufactiuring through the daily gesture of blowing your nose".

Aurélie, an architect with her own company and co-working space ARCH&types in Montreuil and Nicolas, a management consultant, are passionate about these pretty Made In France hankies and hope to make them trendy again.

But you too can be part of the adventure and support their project by participating in their crowdfunding campaign on Ulule - if you pre-order, you will be among the first to receive these exclusive handkerchiefs!



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"We had already started to have a more responsible lifestyle - by using solid soaps and shampoos for example, and our project also wants to encourage people to consume less - we will try to convert them to reusable handkerchiefs - but much prettier then the ones their grandpa had! "



By meeting Nicolas and Aurélie I learned a lot about linen ! This is the fabric they chose to make their handkerchiefs. This choice was carefully considered by the couple because it is part of their vision to manufacture as responsibly and locally as is possible .

  • France produces 75% of the world's linen and the fabric that Nicolas and Aurélie use comes from Normandy or the North of France, so the transportation carbon-footprint is very low

  • It is a plant that needs neither fertilizer nor water, rain is enough! In addition, it is bio-degradable and does not damage the soil

  • The transformation into thread does not require any chemical treatment

  • The whole plant is exploited (oil, seeds, fibers, etc.)

  • Linen is breathable, absorbs moisture and is very durable

  • And, it's anti-allergic so perfect for allergics who need to blow their nose regularly!


With all these benefits we can understand why they made this choice. They also wish to promote traditional French savoir-faire => the cultivation of flax/linen and the weaving of this fabric.

Their handkerchiefs are designed in Montreuil then woven and printed near Roubaix at Master Demeestere with the support of the Association Green Fashion Hub - a production in complete harmony with the philosophy of Nicolas & Aurelie.

stick your nose in



Launching a project is not easy, so why not add a dose of humor, and that's what they did through their designs, created by Aurélie.

The brand offers 3 ranges.

  1. A simple range in white with a white, red or blue hem

  2. A "Metro" range which mocks our way of pronouncing words when you have a cold "Il Veut Une Bastille Pour Ce Rhume" ... (I would like to see a "Croix de Chabaux" or a "Robesbière" soon!)

  3. A range "Nexpressions" where, through the 'Marianne', they play with very French expressions: "Les Doigts dans le Nez", "Tirer les Vers du Nez" and "Moucher Quelqu'un"




No, because Nicolas & Aurélie have thought of everything!

According to government guidelines, if you blow your nose with a paper tissue, you have to put it in a closed plastic bag before putting it in the bin, but who really does this?

To be compatible with these guidelines La France Qui Se Mouche Tôt has also made a hanky-case (Made in ICI Montreuil by La Biche-Renard ) where you can store your handkerchiefs after use!

And even in normal times, 47% of sick leave in France in waste-sorting centres is attributed to discarded tissues.

So if you use a linen handkerchief, you not only save paper and water, but you can also help reduce the spread of germs because you wash them at home and use them again!


"Our ambition for the future is to see all French people with a handkerchief in their pocket!"

If you want to support Nicolas and Aurélie by blowing your nose, go to Ulule for more details on the project and to place your pre-orders!


Examples of prices:

White - 8 € each or 20 € for 3

Series - 23 € for 3

Series & Case - 33 €