Why do you love Montreuil?

  • The values of the city

  • Multiculturalism that reflects our world

  • All the activities and outings you can do

  • Very kid-friendly

  • It's human and we easily meet people, we are very involved in the life of our neighborhood

  • This city gives us strength and inspiration!



The expression "a bundle of energy" makes perfect sense when you meet Julie!

But beyond her obvious enthousiasm, she also radiates a beautiful light, has a big smile and emanates positive vibes!

Everything we love here at LoveMontreuil!

This young mother of 2, and Montreuilloise since 2019, is the founder of the concept / project Nouvelle Ère Concept Éthique.

Having worked in fashion for years, one day she decided that she wanted to change her life (like many people in this section!), to create a career with more meaning - Nouvelle Ère Concept Éthique was born (New Era Ethical Concept)

But what exactly does she propose?

It's a combination of many things because Julie is multi-faceted and multi-talented, like many Montreuil folk.

1. It's organic beauty workshops, designed and run by Julie, where participants make their own products. All recipes are created by Julie.

2. It's a beauty and fashion coaching service on how to consume better and more responsibly ( sorting through your current wardrobe for example, helping you find ethically responsible products and brands right for you ...)

3. It's the sale of vintage nuggets that Julie finds for you - reuse, recycle, repurpose.

4. And from September onwards, she will give yoga classes at home or in a place in the heart of our beloved town -> more info on her website (see bottom of this page)

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Julie wants to "help people who want to make that jump to using natural, organic beauty products and a more ethically responsible consumption of fashion"

Let's meet Julie and see what goes on in one of her beauty workshops


nouvelle Ère

concept Éthique



Beyond her dynamic nature and her sociable character what you really notice about Julie is her undeniable passion for organic beauty products.

Everywhere you look in Julie's home you see homemade products, whether it be the washing-up liquid, the liquid detergent, the shampoo, anything which touches the body and skin Julie handmakes it, and her goal to share this passion with others, something she already does with her 5-year old daughter who enthousiastically helps Mummy make her magic potions.

It was during her 2nd pregnancy that Julie started looking into ethical fashion & beauty and after leaving her job, she trained and obtained a diploma in natural and organic beauty therapy.


Her new venture is also about finding a better work-life balance.  Work yes, but work for yourself in something which gives you pride, and above all, a job which lets you spend more time with your family.

As for fashion, she's still passionate about it, but just in a different way.  As with beauty, it's a more responsible and ethical fashion approach which she now promotes and advises to her clients.

More info at the bottom of this article on the services she provides.




For the moment Julie can come to your home or to an outside venue to host her beauty workshops.

She has several formats for both adults and children , to make your beauty and / or household products.

I tested the format at 40 € / person (minimum 4 participants) where you leave with 2 super beauty products made by your own hand.

Excellent value for money.

All the products used are organic and natural and Julie only uses ingredients Made in France .

It's a moment of relaxation where not only do you learn about the ingredients and their benefits but you laugh, discuss, create and exchange on your beauty habits and rituals ... a little bubble of happiness!

It's ideal for a birthday party, a hen party (or even a stag!) or quite simply a moment between friends, especially after this long quarantine!


Everything is super organised.  You receive clear hygiene instructions, individual materials and the recipe for the session.  With a smile Julie expertly guides you through the process, giving nuggets of information as she goes.  At each step you can personalise your products to fit with your skin type, needs and tastes!


pour, measure, MIX, stir, wisk...

I finished with 2 wonderful products designed by Julie: an exfoliating body gel with ground olive stones and blueberry essence to make my skin as smooth as a baby's bottom and a nourishing and sparkling dry oil with rice bran for to make it beautiful and glowing this summer!

I highly recommend you try!


For more information on all of Julie's services, check out her website and her Instagram to

stay up to date on her news and of course make an appointment with her for fashion and beauty advice or a workshop with friends!