Where is montreuil?


Montreuil is a town on the east side of Paris, some call it the 21st district of Paris, others the Brooklyn of Paris.

It's exactly 7km from Montreuil to the centre of Paris.

The town is on the Line 9 metro line in Zone 1, served by 4 metro stops:


You can also come to Montreuil via the suburban train

RER A, stop Vincennes, Zone 2

By car you take the exit Porte de Montreuil on the ringroad or the Montreuil exit on the A3 and A86 motorways.

It's a town of 100 000 inhabitants, even though it feels like a village.

There are 3 parks in Montreuil and the beautiful Vincennes woods are only a 20 walk away from lower Montreuil.

More than 800 artistes and artisans live and/or work in Montreuil. Every year in October you can visit their studios or their homes, chat with them and buy their creations.

The town also has a rich cinematographic history.  Georges Méliès built the world's first cinema studios in Montreuil. The Lumière brothers and Charles Pathé 

(L'Albatros) also had cinema studios here.

Porte de Montreuil - Robespierre - Croix de Chavaux - Mairie de Montreuil