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beyond the wall #3



You couldn't really get a more current message than these collages rue Marceau, unless you dressed them in yellow vests.

Women calling for resistance.

The images are bold, both in their black & white form and size, but also in their message.

With a raised fist, these topless women evoke both strength and vunerability simultaneously but above all, unity.  United against the treatment of women, against sexism, against totalatarian regimes, against violence?

What is their message?

Some might be offended by it, find it in bad taste, but no-one can deny that it's thought-provoking.


Who put up these collages?  Who is the artist behind these provocative images? Who is she/he?

Let's find out


The artist behind these images is Gemma Ferron, a Spanish artist (graphic designer, photographer, film maker, poet)  who has lived in Montreuil since 2002.


She created these collages for a festival she organised during the Artists Open Doors (more than 900 Montreuil artists open their workshops to the public every year in October) in 2018 called

"Elle sur Elle" (Woman to Woman)


The event was resolutely feminist but the title also called for women to look inside themselves, to become stronger on their own, not only in the context of a group or a collectve.

"I found this photo of a group of women and I found it powerful.   I added in a forest behind and around them because I find there are strong links between the strength of nature and the strength of women, and also the fact that nature is in danger, much like a lots of women in this world.  This forest gives them an Amazonian or warrior edge because they are warriors, all women are."

We don't quite know the back-story of this photo, but here's it's been used with a feminist approach - a powerful symbol, women will be heard, they won't give up. They will resist.






Born in Barcelona in the 60s to a Catalan father and a Madrilenian mother, Gemma came to France in 2002 for love and has stayed ever since, even though she frequently goes back and forth for various projects.


When she was young she showed early artistic promise and her father taught her different painting techniques (oil, watercolour, acrylic...). 

She was painting watercolours at 8 years old.

She even painted more than she spoke. That was her way of communicating.

A few years later she won several painting competitions and her future as an artist was sealed.

She went to art school and then managed a graphic desgn studio until she was 35, when she dediced to leave to develop her own artistic projects.

She was represented by a gallery in Barcelone for 3 years where she notably created digital exhibitions.

Since then she's worked on many conceptual projects.

Her true passion is poetry and she's published 2 poetry books.

  She also collaborates with other poets and artists creating experimental projects and performances

where she mixes photography, video and texts



For the last 3 years she has worked in the infant school, Les Zéfirottes in Montreuil, where she holds art workshops for the children, developing her personal projects at the same time.


More recently she was worked on a series of surreal "cyclops" photos which, for her, talk of telepathy, dimensions beyond and the perception we have of others.


She is inspired by symbolism, dreams, collective memory, mythology and hopes her art reflects her life and her state of mind at the time of creation.