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FRED - BEER, bees and videotape

Filmmaker Fred Poulain has been dreaming of making his own beer for the last 20 years and now that dream has come true. Along with his 3 partners Étienne Raguenel (beekeeper), Saïd Imazatene (actor/antique dealer) et Alexandra Deswarte (Graphic Designer/AD), he has just launched"Croix de Chavaux Brewery", named after the arty quarter we love so much here in Montreuil.


In the Croix de Chavaux Brewery, located at 6 rue Désiré Charton, the new machines sparkle just like Fred's eyes when he talks about his new venture!


In this former workshop, the brewery has great ambitions for the future.  Beyond actually making beer, Fred wants to open a micro bar, a shop and organise tastings and soirées in the premises.

If it's as cool as the launch party (see gallery below) which took place in February, we can add another spot in Montreuil where we can go out!

It will all be ready the first weekend of April for the public to come and buy beers.  You can follow their news here on Love Montreuil or subscribe to their Instagram account here

Let's meet Fred and visit the brewery

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Born in the mountainous region of Savoie in Bourg Saint-Maurice and resident in Montreuil since 2013, Fred has already had several lives and lots of professions.  He's definitely a ressourceful character!

He graduated in industrial model making, was a ski instructor, a steeplejack, a brickie, a VJ, a graphic designer ...and his current profession film director.

But brewer was missing from the list.

This was a long time coming for Fred, 20 years to be exact.  He started getting interested in brewing when he helped friends set up a bar in Les Arcs ski resort.

Some time after that he went to visit friends in Belgium and unbeknown to him he was to spend the whole weekend brewing and bottling beer, it was then that he was really bitten by the beer bug.


"I loved it that much that in the train coming back from Belgium I said to myself that one day I'd have my own beer."

11 years ago he made a serious attempt to launch his first beer with a friend who had inherited a beautiful old water mill Moulin de Moulignon in the Parisian region.  He thought the place should have its own beer.  He worked on it for a year, but the project never came to fruition


It was at a party 15 years ago that he met the friends that he's launching the brewery with now.  It's been 3 years since they started working on this dream, each friend bringing their individual talents to the project.  

If there's a lesson to learn from this, it's "Good things come to those who wait", ou maybe the right 4 ingredients have finally come together to create the perfect recipe.




The 4 friends want to launch 4 ou 5 different beers to kick off the brand.  One is called "Bee Craft" because it's made with Etienne's honey from Montreuil.

They currently have 3 hives in Montreuil and are looking for new places to put more.


The other beers' names will be just as creative.  For example, "Wesh Coast" (wesh is a slang term from the suburbs) and others which will also be inspired from local expressions and gypsy dialects.

They'll manily be making IPAs (Indian Pale Ale- geek beers as Fred says) and will maybe develop some flavoured varities, inspired by local culture.


They hope to collaborate with local artists, on designing labels for example and other merchandising as well as creating artistic performances mixing beer and music.

Some labels are in English, American style, inspired by the Mecca of craft beer brewing, Brooklyn, but also because Montreuil is so international!


Fred has built everything himself.  He designed the  tanks on Autocad and the building owner, who makes doors and windows, built them.  Fred set everything up himself, including all the electrics, a self-taught do-er!

The project is promising, driven by Fred who is passionate about this new arc to his bow.

The place, like something out of a hipster film, is perfect for cool events.

What's more, there is a new concert venue being built next door, so we can expect joint ventures from them to come.

Let's hope these 2 new places create a new vibe to this area of Montreuil, bringing life to this part of the town.


Soon you'll be able to find Croix de Chavaux, or XC for those in the know, in stores and bars in town....and you can buy directly from the brewery from the 1st weekend of this space for more information.

Opening April 2019

Price bottle: 3€

Tastings Saturdayi 14H00-20H00

6 rue Désiré Charton, Montreuil, 93100

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