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Passionate about Montreuil since her arrival in 2002, Rebecca wanted to create a site which shares her love for her town and all the wonderful things that go on there.


A site which showcases the creative talents and the movers and shakers of the town as well as its residents, a site to connect and unite people, a site to attract people to Montreuil to visit and why not to live.

Currently the site is centred around creativity (in all its forms), architecture, fashion and music...more sections will be added as the site grows.

Due to its huge appeal Rebecca wanted to do an English version of the site too, her mother tongue.  She wants to reach the maximum number of people possible, beyond French borders, attracting curious tourists who want to go off the beaten track once they've seen the Eiffel Towr and the Louvre.


Love Montreuil does not want to stop at being a simple website, no way José!

In the future Love Montreuil will be a platform from which many projects will grow; events, artistic collaborations, podcasts...the list is long.

Watch this space!

In real life Rebecca is a Communications consultant, specialised in events and brand strategy

Communication teacher and Head of International Program at Marketing & Communication school ISCOM


Host- debates/conferences/trade fairs...

Soul singer


Journalist for the famous jazz club New Morning


love montreuil in the press

interview by

"be your change" podcast


Interviewed by Juliette Bouquerel-Roy, founder of Be Your Change podcast in the USAon the creation of Love Montreuil, my passion for our town and the ambitions for the future of the site.


Amplifying the voice of women changemakers who are trying to have a  positive impact on their community through ethical, sustainable, creative and educative projects

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